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Wow, thanks for stopping by……CardKingPro was born from need and desire to build a case so strong that we could take to friends homes without damaging our card collections. We tried the other cases that we could find, first we bought “The Bigger Blacker Box” but hey $15 for a cardboard box, seemed crazy!

Then we tried some of the offerings from Amazon, cheap feeling EVA foam cases, with zips that broke easily and bend all of our cards corners out of shape.


We are passionate about delivering the best card cases available!

The journey to make a case that can survive the stuff we threw at it was tough! it’s taken us from England to China to work in partnership with the factory to craft the perfect case, with the best quality and the best price.

Why China

Really, we tried to make these cases in England, but what we found was nobody was willing to work with us, every supplier gave many reasons why they cannot make our product

  • Quantities were too small
  • Quality level was too high
  • Design was too difficult

The suppliers of this type of product in the UK are very rare, in fact even when we found some, we found they made them in China too! And the prices were crazy high, nobody would ever be able to afford our products.

So our only option was to go to China and find a supplier that could make what we needed. This was an adventure we never expected, our original plan to visit China for two weeks find a supplier and start the production, this quickly turned into two months, there was no way we could leave China, If we did we knew that these cases would never arrive or if they did they would be poor quality.

We were there in China inspecting every case one by one in the very hot and sweaty factory, We can truly say CARDKINGPRO cases were born out of blood, sweat and tears! We have worked so hard to get this product to the WORLD we truly hope you love what we have created!

If you have any suggestions for product changes, new products etc…..we are available at support@cardkingpro.co.uk



Because of the success of our products in the United States, we are now looking for new distributors with links to retail in USA, Canada, UK & Australia.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please fill in the form & we will contact you within a few days.

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