Graded Card UV Protection Sleeves Compatible with PSA, SGC, GAI, and BVG Cards, 5 Pack, Large Window

Graded Card UV Protection Sleeves Compatible with PSA, SGC, GAI, and BVG Cards, 5 Pack, Large Window

  • PROTECTION: Our sleeves offer great UV protection to your PSA, SGC, GAI, and BVG cards.
  • QUALITY: Great Quality, Laser Cut Vinyl Material with a Soft Lining.
  • SIZE: 6″ Tall x 4″ Wide, Suitable for PSA, SGC, GAI, and BVG cards.
  • ELASTIC: Our product has a high quality elastic strap for securing the sleeve
  • LOGO: Discrete Cardkingpro Logo on the rear of the sleeve [See Images]

UPC: 0706581984172


As we all know prices in graded cards are rocketing in recent years, so it’s extremely important that these high value graded cards are cared for very carefully. UV light will fade the cards and change the characteristics meaning that it turns from clear to a yellow tint. Our bags are hand-made and assembled and will last you a lifetime. The vinyl is black, soft, but stiff (like leather), the inner is a soft velvet-like material, with a high-quality elastic strap, the stitching is matching black. Our Cardkingpro logo is silkscreen printed on to the back of each sleeve.

Our Story

uv protection sleeves

How we got our start?

CardKingPro was conceived on a lonely Friday night in 2015. The founders had been playing RPG games together for years, but couldn’t find what they were looking for in terms of accessories and other items that would make their experience better. So they set out on a mission to make it themselves!

What makes our product unique?

We are a small, independent 100% UK owned company, our products are designed with the gamer in mind, all our products come beautifully packaged and make great gifts for gamers of all ages.

Why we love what we do?

We love tabletop gaming and want to provide the best experience possible, creating our own product line lets us create what we believe in, not just adapt someone else’s ideas for their needs. What you see on Amazon is always going to be the best version of that product.


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 6.61 x 4.8 x 1.06 inches 
ITEM WEIGHT 4.97 Ounces