Ultimate Toploader Card Storage Case | Securely Organize 800+ (35pt) Toploaders | Maximum Protection for Card Collections

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Are you a serious card collector relying on Toploaders to store your valuable cards? Look no further! Our ultimate storage case is designed to accommodate over 800 Toploaders (35pt version) and provides unbeatable protection for your cherished card collection. Crafted with high-quality polycarbonate material and fortified with heavy-duty construction, this lockable case ensures your cards stay safe and secure. The soft faux suede interior and foam blocks offer additional care for your prized cards, while the strong handle, locking catches, heavy-duty hinges, and ball corners guarantee durability and longevity. Keep your collection organized and safeguarded with this professional-grade storage solution. Please note that this case is not suitable for graded cards (PSA, BGS, SGC, CGC) or semi-ridge sleeves, but it’s perfect for one-touch, ultimate guard boulder boxes, and Cubeamajigs. Elevate your card storage with our top-notch Toploader storage case today!

  • Safely stores over 800 Toploaders (35pt version) for extensive card collections.
  • High-quality polycarbonate exterior withstands wear and tear.
  • Super strong interior construction ensures maximum protection.
  • Soft faux suede interior for added care and preservation.
  • Securely lockable with two locking catches for peace of mind.
  • Includes foam blocks to conveniently segment and secure your cards.
  • Heavy-duty handle for easy transport.
  • Locking catches, heavy-duty hinges, and ball corners for lasting durability.
  • Ideal for serious card collectors and investors seeking top-tier protection.
  • Compatible with one-touch, ultimate guard boulder boxes, and Cubeamajigs.

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