The Big Black Metal Box | BBB | Professional Storage Case

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  • 💪 SUPER STRONG DESIGN – Our super strong design means your cards won’t get damaged and this case won’t fall apart within days of purchase! Our cases are built to last a lifetime!
  • 📏 NO CURVED CORNERS – Unlike other EVA cases available in the market, our products have square corners, meaning cards DO NOT GET DAMAGED or BENT!
  • 🃏 COMPATIBILITY – Suitable for CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY, CRABS ADJUST HUMIDITY, UNO, PHASE 10, POKEMON, EXPLODING KITTENS, MTG, MAGIC THE GATHERING, PLANESWALKERS, POKER, YUGIOH, APPLES to APPLES, SUPERFIGHT, CARD TRICKS, COMMANDER, trading cards, baseball cards, business cards and much much more! This is the ultimate carrying case for all collectors!
  • ⚠️ DOES NOT INCLUDE THE CARD GAMES ⚠️ This is an empty case. It does not include any Cards Against Humanity games. Please do not leave us 1-star reviews because the case is empty.

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